Sports Physiotherapy

Sadhu physio rehabilitation hospital

Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the best treatment method commonly used in preventing injury, improving health and maximize physical treatment. Sadhu Physio Rehabilitation Hospital explore the common types of physiotherapy and the conditions they treat.


  1. Sports Physiotherapy :

Now a days we can observe that Sporting Activities are becoming more physically demanding when compared to normal activities. Mainly athletes are more vulnerable to muscle strains and tendon injuries. Sadhu Physio Rehabilitation Hospital gives best services for athletes to recover faster from injury and boost your overall performance.

  • Our Physiotherapist have a good technique can help you go faster, jump higher and lift heavier loads and while also preventing injuries.
  • Our Physiotherapist can help you with general recovery even in the absence of injury.
  • This includes soft tissue release, dry needling, taping, manipulation techniques and exercises to maintain mobility and decreases stiffness.
  • It also tailored warm-up routine that will help to prepare you for the session, a cool-down routine to help your body recover.
  • We also access and treat acute injuries and are often present during matches, competitions and training sessions

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