Dry Needling

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Dry Needling

Physiotherapy is one of the best treatment method commonly used in preventing injury, improving health and maximize physical treatment. Sadhu Physio Rehabilitation Hospital explore the common types of physiotherapy and the conditions they treat.

  1. Dry Needling :

                              Dry Needling is a treatment which triggers points or tight muscles of your body. with the help of very thin needle insertion into your body. The main reason is to improve tissue healing and restore muscle function. There are three types of top benefits of Dry Needling Therapy.

  • Relieve Pains and Muscle Tightness : This is an effective way to reduce pain in specific areas of the body is that it targets the trigger points. The needle will releases tensions, inflammation, chemicals, and pressure in the muscles that has caused the pain. The results will lead to an improve range of motion and immediate pain relief.
  • Improved Range of Motion : this is mainly helps to improve overall movement of an injury. If you are an athlete from any category who are constantly on the move, having fluid movement and having a full range of motion is key to your success.
  • Speed up Recovery : Some injuries require longer recovery periods that often but regardless. With the help of Dry Needling , patients can overcome with quicker pain relief and also improvement in range of motion.

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