Sadhu physio rehabilitation hospital


Physiotherapy is one of the best treatment method commonly used in preventing injury, improving health and maximize physical treatment. Sadhu Physio Rehabilitation Hospital explore the common types of physiotherapy and the conditions they treat.

  1. Chiropractic :

Chiropractic is one of the treatment  which mainly focus on  your spine and also                                   focus on other parts of your body and gives complementary medicine to the                                          problem  with the help of specific hands-on manipulations from a trained                                professional. These manipulations help realign your joints and can potentially lead                               to pain relief.

  • It improves neck pain which is common problem, which are caused by frequently bend your neck to use your phone, or have poor poster.
  • This mainly helps to ease your neck pain by realigning your spine and easing tension your neck muscles.
  • People suffering with chronic pains are mainly suggested with opioid pain relievers which helps to manage their discomfort.
  • Chiropractic treatment is one of the finest treatment or may be a good alternative to more invasive alternatives like surgery or injections for treating short-term or chronic back pain.

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