Our Neuro-Rehabilitation Center provides a complete spectrum of rehabilitative care, from inpatient and outpatient services to work and school re-entry programs. We also know your journey doesn’t end when your neuro-rehabilitation is complete. Experiencing a neurological injury often means adapting to a new normal. That’s why we also offer a peer mentorship program, adaptive recreation opportunities, and support groups.

Our Team

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Sadhu Hospital

Dr Madan Murali

HOD, Physiotherapy

Dr Krishna


Dr Nikhil

Senior Physiotherpay

Dr Jallel Aur Rehman Khan


Our Services

we are committed to treating people of all ages who have suffered from stroke, paralysis, neurological disorders, brain injury and spinal cord injuries.

ICU Management

Sadhu Physio Rehabilitation Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides specialised compassionate care for critically ill and post-operative patients with complex conditions


Sadhu Physio offered best neurological rehabilitation services in Hyderabad for neurocognitive, neurophysical, stroke and spinal cord


Sadhu Physio Hospital is a best orthopedic hospital in Hyderabad offering entire range of ortho treatment by the top doctors and specialists.

Sadhu Physio Rehabilitation Hospital

Sports Injuries

Hyderabadi's experienced doctors at our Hospital provides complete treatment for Sports Medicine.

We are a pioneering provider of complex care.

Expert Teams

Practical support, therapy and care for disabled children and adults


Putting our Patients first and building tailored plans to suit their specific needs

Charity Status

Our services are not run for profit, which enables us to put quality of care front and centre

Holistic Approach

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Improving The Quality Of Your Life Through Better Health.